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a Google-like search box for articles, books, and other materials in our library and beyond.
Yes, link only.
Yes, link and search box.
No, don't include.

Library Research Guide  

Yes, include a link.
No, don't include.

Course Reserves

Yes, include a link.
No, I don't use reserves.

Distance Education

Yes, include a link to Library Distance Education Services.
No, don't include.

Library Chat

Yes, include a library chatbox.
Yes, include a link to library chat.
No, don't include.

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  1. Go to your course in AsULearn and turn editing on.
  2. On the right-hand side, add a new block, choosing HTML from the dropdown menu.
  3. Start editing the new HTML block.
  4. Leave the title blank or make it something like Library Resources.
  5. Click on the HTML button HTML button to paste the following code when you see that you are in TEXT mode.
  6. Save your changes.

Please enter the course prefix, course number and section information for your class.

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